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No time frame other than “summer” was given, but with Ice Cream Sandwich updates on the way to all of the devices listed, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was included with them.

Plus, now that stores have been asked to print new display lists that reference these new global features, it can’t be long.

A quarter of consumers consider improving cell phone coverage and quality to be the most important issue with cell phone use, according to the 2013 Annual Consumer survey conducted by My

Remember to fully charge your battery before you travel and consider using turning off all non-essential services to conserve battery life.We first reported this news on Friday, but Verizon has confirmed today that the DROID RAZR, RAZR MAXX, HTC Rezound, and DROID 4 will all receive updates this summer to bring them global roaming capabilities.After the update is released, all 4 of these devices will have voice service in more than 220 countries and data in more than 205: This summer, Verizon Wireless will be updating the following 4G LTE smartphones for global use.Updating your Verizon cellphone can be done quickly and easily.Verizon Wireless updates its towers and cell service continuously, but that doesn't mean your phone automatically gets updated.

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