Shantell dating

And that's exactly what Floyd Mayweather fired off to Shantel Jackson back in April '14 ... complete with crazy Hollywood bribes and a demand that you change your crappy attitude, stat.The same year, she was also cast as the series regular on the CW TV drama series known as One Tree Hill in the seventh season of the show.

You just end up saying, “Hey this is Michelle.” Well…if that is the case why don’t those people just be in a relationship? However, for whatever reason, one or both people do not want to define the relationship in a more concrete term.

I recently started dating a woman who I have grown to care for deeply.

She is perfect in just about every way except for the fact that she has been hurt a lot.

Ashanti famously dated rapper Nelly for 10 years — much of which the couple spent out of the limelight.

Although the “Concrete Rose” singer didn’t share many details about their breakup on Friday’s episode of “The Meredith Vieira Show,” she admitted the relationship ended over trust issues.

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