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A civil court finding of liability usually means that the defendant must pay the victim or his/her family monetary damages.The civil justice system can provide victims with the monetary resources necessary to rebuild their lives, and can hold defendants who are found liable directly accountable to the victim.The walls of the basketball court at the 76ers practice facility on the Camden waterfront were lined with onlookers Thursday when Kentucky guard Malik Monk arrived for his private workout with the team.The Sixers had scouted Monk in college, obviously, and attended the pro day hosted by his agent, but this was their gym, their rules and their agenda.In the criminal justice system, the process begins after a crime has been committed and reported to law enforcement.If an arrest has been made and charges filed, the offender may be prosecuted and the crime is considered “a crime against the state.” The prosecutor represents the interests of the state, and the process is meant to determine the guilt or innocence of the accused offenders.People with HIV have been sentenced to years or even decades in prison for having sex without telling their partners they’re infected, even when they practiced safe sex.

While money awarded in civil lawsuits can never fully compensate a victim for the trauma of victimization or the loss of a loved one, it can be a valuable resource to help crime victims rebuild their lives.

Moreover, the exposure to civil liability is a powerful incentive for landlords, businessmen, and other proprietors to enact the security measures necessary to prevent future victimizations.

Today, more attorneys than ever are representing crime victims in civil lawsuits, although relatively few specifically identify themselves as "crime victim" attorneys.

Lab results and a bottle of pills found in the Rhoades’ refrigerator confirmed the detectives’ suspicions: Nick Rhoades was HIV-positive.

Almost a year later, in a Black Hawk County courtroom, Judge Bradley Harris peered down at Rhoades from his bench.

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