Literary dating

(Or ebook, if you’re that way inclined.) To celebrate World Book Night, we’re bringing back literary speed dating.

Broadcaster Jess Mc Guire will be your host, giving you five minutes with each potential paramour – plenty of time to talk love, life and literary predilections.

The following is a chronological list of literary works up until the 5th century AD.

Literature of the 6th to 9th centuries is covered in Early medieval literature.

First I went to the Association of American Publishers’ Children’s Author event. Hoover’s new title, is the first of a steampunk trilogy about the Septemberist Society, a secret society of monster hunters.

The Wheeler Centre’s match-making sensation is back for 2011, and as part of our Big Gay Week, this time we’re offering the chance for those same-sex inclined book lovers to find that kindred spirit.

With a plethora of exciting titles on the horizon, a quick and fun way to get the word out is through literary speed dating—the first of its kind at Annual Conference.

I had the opportunity to attend two of these whirlwind events, and they were quite the experience.

Tip: if they’re holding , you might want to avoid marriage down the track. So, ladies, don’t book as a man – unless you’re a man.

We will be flying the rainbow flag in a Literary Speed Dating event later in the year. Do tell your eligible single man friends, and next time, get in quick!

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