Is austin mahone dating payton rae

The Instagram model dated Mahone for a while and they spent time together, from hot spot vacations to showing their love on Instagram. I just think how funny it would be if I tell my kids one day I met her through Instagram.Their romance started off as an Instagram fling but eventually became something more and fans couldn’t get enough of those date night and birthday trips. That will sound so funny.” “I like how adventurous she is because whenever I want to take a trip, she is down to go anywhere in like a drop of a hat! News exclusively at the AQUAFINA IWXII BBQ Beach Bash Pool Party.Gina was actually dating the guy before she was 18. This is like the whole Doug and Courtney thing except the age gap is even wider and as far as I know Steven does not wear ladies underwear.Did they just magically start dating once she hit 18? Granted you have to be pretty messed up to date, let alone marry Melanie Griffith, but this seems a bit much even for that."I love you forever and always." •mackenzie•I woke up to a shutter sound from a phone camera. He tightened his grip on my waist and let out a fake snore. "I thought you were still asleep." "Well I was until Robert came in and started taking pictures and then I heard you talking so I stayed quiet." Austin explained. "It's okay," I say hugging him and he wraps his arms around me. I had one from each of the one direction guys saying they had a great time last night and we should hang out again, I fangirled a bit, then replied thank you's to each of them for showing up. Opening my eyes slightly, the crew was right in front of me and Robert had his phone out taking pictures of me and austin sleeping together on the bean bag. " I hissed quietly, so I wouldn't wake austin up.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction This is the sequel to the fall.If Carrie Underwood took applications for a little sister, we think Payton Rae would be the perfect candidate.Besides the gorgeous blonde hair and southern roots, Payton knows a thing or two about recording catchy country tunes. i just wanted to say that I think all 4 of you are amazing and some of the coolest, nicest and down-to-earth people on youtube.:) this is just a video i made with rare pics, to show you guys how much you mean to your fans and everyone :)and everyone, please continue to pray for caitlin!

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