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But people continue staying in their comfort zone, afraid of straying from the same type of person they've always dated, and my theory is that the type of person they tell themselves they're attracted to helps to tell a narrative or sell an image they're trying to project to the world.

For example, a woman who believes she was an unattractive child and then grew up to be pretty might seek out only the hottest guys to help sell her Ugly Duckling narrative.

As a relationship advice columnist, one of the best pieces of dating advice I can pass along to those of you who are looking for a serious/longterm/committed relationship, is to date someone who isn't your type. HE may not be the perfect guy for you, but a cool thing happens when you break the pattern of dating the same type of person -- you begin breaking the pattern of having the same type of relationship (and if you're single and wanting a longterm relationship, this is probably a good thing, assuming none of your relationships have worked thus far).

Someone who grew up socially awkward and not very popular might seek the super cool, bad-boy kind of guy because he affirms for her that she's no longer awkward if she can land a guy like that.Succeeding in the dating game takes grit and determination.One of the biggest barriers people face when trying to meet someone new originates from not being able to break out of their comfort zone.For men: hold eye contact, lean in and show you’re interested. If the preview has you hooked, throw her a wink before you move onto your next mini-date so she knows that you are looking to take it to the next level—a first date! Conversation Starters The beauty of speed dating is that you get to meet a range of different people and you will find that you get to talk about a range of topics.No two singletons are created the same and it’s a great opportunity for you to try out your conversation starters. Not Your Average Joe Speed dating brings an array of personalities, looks and styles which means you get to reap the benefits and venture out on a date with someone you may not be looking for or generally wouldn’t consider.

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