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I'm following as much as possible a mediterranean diet with lots of fish, fruit and vedge and everything has to be organic.

I take squeezed lemon with hot water every morning which helps the alkalinity of yr body. A very good friend who had terminal stomach cancer and was told there are no more treatment is now clear after 2 years following the Gerson treatment only.

Whatever lactose remains undigested moves into the intestines (the colon to be exact), where the bacteria breaks down the undigested lactose and creates fluid and gas in the process.

This may lead to some common symptoms of lactose intolerance (abdominal pain, bloating, gas, nausea, and cramps) and usually occurs 30 minutes to two hours after ingesting a lactose-containing product.

Good luck My OH just has skimmed milk in his tea, that's one change he just can't make, but we now have soya yoghurt and cream, almond milk for cereal and dairy free ice cream. I have had a radical prostatectomy, 7 weeks radiotherapy and continue on hormones. do we really want to promote new growth (cancer) as we are adults? We also wrap the produce in plastic and add preservatives, stabilisers, colouring, etc, etc.

At Guys hospital this week the specialist nurse mentioned going dairy- free and combining with a Mediterranean style diet as a good base when Steve asked if there was any specific diet advice, luckily that's pretty much what we'd been doing since diagnosis. Waiting for Jan 2016 when I should be coming off the hormones and see if the PSA changes. Initial response from my urologist was I had a 30% chance of living 3 years and wasn't suitable for surgery or RT. The oncologist was much more positive and had already scheduled surgery and explained I would be put on hormones immediately afterwards. I know this isn't very scientific but maybe going totally organic is better.

She suggested rt after the surgeon couldn't get clear margins and the found cells in my lymph nodes. My Grandfather grew fruit and veg in his garden and kept chickens, this must have been healthier in those days.

Peter Hi Russell I have also gone dairy (and meat) free since diagnosis this May.

“My friend made coconut yogurt for me and taught me to make it for myself, as it wasn’t available anywhere in China, not even on Taobao.Reader One, generally speaking, people produce less lactose as they age — that is, people become less and less able to break down lactose as they grow older.This may explain why you are now experiencing these symptoms.I wanted to share it with friends in the hope of opening their eyes and minds to new healthy options for people with food allergies in Beijing,” Christiana tells us. It slowly got popular and then, urged by my supportive friends, I tried selling it at Farms to Neighbors farmers' market. I sold out every single time and started getting we chat orders for the week,” she adds.There is a huge demand in Beijing for dairy-free products, especially yogurts.

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